Good Home, Good Health!

Are you feeling tired and run down? Are you suffering from allergies or unexplained aches and pains?

Did you know that a range of short-term and long-term health effects – from lethargy to cancer – have been linked to homes, schools and workplaces?

At Spacecheck we can help you assess the health of your indoor environment and implement a range of solutions to increase general wellbeing, workplace productivity and environmental care.

What’s Building Biology?

Building Biologists care for people’s physical and psychological health in buildings. We work with medical practitioners, architects, building designers, interior designers, and sustainability specialists to create green and healthy living spaces that help people thrive in their homes and workplaces.

The major branches of Building Biology are Indoor Air Quality, Water Quality, Electrobiology, and Building Design and Materials. Qualified Australian Building Biologists are trained in a variety of environmental testing procedures and provide advice and assistance in relation to issues like eco-friendly construction materials, healthy product selection, electromagnetic radiation reduction, and improvements in drinking water quality.

Our Services

Environmental Health Checks

From AU$14900
  • Home and workplace environmental testing

  • Building design advice incl. site and floor plan recommendations

  • Building and decorating product advice

  • Chemicals and WiFi issues

  • Children’s environmental health

  • Recommendations for remediation and testing

Content/Website Administration

  • Health-related content specializing in not-for-profit organisations

  • Blogs/Social media/Newsletters

  • Academic and industry news analysis

  • Images/Infographics

  • Site administration/Maintenance/HTML

  • Attention to detail and personalized service

Contact Us

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